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Find out what is involved in a blog writing service that uses SEO website copywriting to increase high quality organic traffic and generate on-page conversions.

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The breakdown of time for the blog writing service offered by Digital Marketing 4 Leads.


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website copywriting services

Are you looking for a website content writer to increase conversions?

Digital Marketing 4 Leads is an inbound marketing agency that offers a specialised website copywriting service.

The blog writing service is for businesses looking to generate conversions from their web pages.

It is also useful for businesses looking to repurpose old content during a website merge.

Your copy will be written by a talented Ibiza SEO agency web copywriter with over 14 years experience.

You will get high quality content based on a knowledge of human psychology and the art of persuasion.

The copy writing process will consider search engine optimisation, reader engagement and conversion.

The language style will be selected to develop a connection with your readers, aiding in conversions and enhancing your brand credibility and trust.

The web copy will educate prospects by providing useful information and overcoming sales objections. For example, this guide on how to carry out a website health check.

The interesting and persuasive narrative will push visitors into taking actions...

...whether that is bringing in new leads or converting visitors into paying customers.

Scroll down to read more about website copywriting services now, or if you are in a rush, email this page to yourself and find out more about blog writing services later.

table of contents

overview of blog writing service

One of the biggest false assumptions about blog writing services is that the process is as simple as writing a blog post.

There is so much more to effective website copywriting services and as well as the content writing, you have to consider time for research, revisions, technical SEO and client meetings.

Digital Marketing 4 Leads are expert SEO website copywriters and form experience, the allocation of time is as follows:

5% - Client Meetings

10% - Technical SEO

15% - Revisions

20% - Research

50% - Content Writing

Keep reading to find out what is involved in each of these steps.

breakdown of website copywriting

Discover what is involved in the 5 elements of the Digital Marketing 4 Leads blog writing service.

1 - client meetings

When you appoint a blog writer for your website, you will need to communicate with them during the copywriting process.

You and your team are paid by the hour, so it is only fair that your copy writer is also paid for their time on the phone or in zoom meetings.

  • Project briefing.
  • Post-research questions.
  • Mid-project conversations.
  • Meetings to discuss drafts.

2 - topic and company research

To write the best blog, your copy writer has to immerse themselves in the topic and your company.

Digital Marketing 4 Leads specialise in writing copy that is super effective at generating conversions.

If you are looking for fast, cheap, low performing copy, just for the sake of copy, then this is not something on offer.

  • Subject matter expertise. You copy writer will immerse themself in your market, your customers and their pain points.
  • Learn about the features and benefits of your products/services.
  • Understand your target market.
  • Read your recent marketing emails.
  • Read your recent blogs/similar pages. Is there a template to follow or are there things that can/cannot be put on your website pages.
  • Brand voice/language.
  • Brand writing style. For example, rules for capitalisation, source citations, image attributions, punctuation, bullet points, etc.
  • Competitor analysis of products, services and blogs (similar articles).
  • Analysis of any existing articles you want to mirror / beat.
  • Keyword research for SEO.
  • Image sourcing.
  • External links/references.
  • Internal links.

3 - writing content

This is the core part of the copy writing process.

A professional copy writer should be able to write website copy at a speed of 400 words per hour after completing the research phase.

For website copy, Digital Marketing 4 Leads use the Hemingway editor to ensure great readability.

  • Brainstorming / creative thinking.
  • Create outline.
  • Write sub headings.
  • Double check flow of topic ideas and content outline with client.
  • Splurge the copy.
  • Refine the copy.
  • Write the page and meta title. Grab the readers attention, drive them to page, inspire them to read and use SEO keywords.
  • Write the meta description and opening paragraph. Give a clear synopsis of the copy, match search intent, make text compel users to click and use SEO keywords.

4 - feedback and revisions

When the first draft is written, it is usually shared with several team members who will all have their own thoughts and feedback.

At this point, there are usually some slight revisions required.

There revisions tend to be points that the business wants expanded a little bit, or specific information about the product/service that needs tweaking.

After the client is essentially happy with the draft, additional SEO keywords will be added to the draft to help get more organic traffic.

  • Revisions after client feedback.
  • Proof reading.
  • Add SEO / LSI / related topic keywords.
  • Final draft.

5 - technical SEO

Digital Marketing 4 Leads usually work alongside our client's web developers to add the content to the website.

Advice will be given about best practices for technical SEO for the blog copy.

  • H1, H2, H3 tags
  • Internal an external links.
  • Link title tags.
  • Image file naming.
  • Image alt text.
  • Title tag.
  • Meta description tag.

Where required, Digital Marketing 4 Leads can also add the copy into the CMS directly.

how long does website copywriting take to complete

Digital Marketing 4 Leads have one of the most talented English language website copywriters in Europe.

The lead time for copywriting is usually 4 weeks because of the high levels of demand.

A faster turnaround is possible, if required.

Depending on availability, Digital Marketing 4 Leads offer an expedited service (outside of normal writing hours) for:

+30% - 1 week turnaround.

+20% - 2 week turnaround.

In literal terms, this involves our copywriter working late evenings or weekends.

Bear in mind that the speed of the expedited service also depends on the availability of your team to keep up with the required pace.

how much do blog writing services cost?

If you wanted 2400 words of content or a page on your website, then this would take 12 hours.

This is broken down as 6 hours for the copy writing and 6 hours for the research, revisions, technical SEO and client meetings.

The project will be billed in two stages:

50% up front before work starts.

50% on completion of work.

You will need to weigh this cost against the value of future conversions and new site traffic.

The web copywriting services offered by Digital Marketing 4 Leads suit businesses looking for long term evergreen content...

...that will continue to keep delivering results over and over again.

is blog copywriting the right service for your business?

Hopefully, you now understand exactly what goes into high quality copywriting...

...and you are in a position to work out whether or not this service will give you the ROI that you need.

You will see that the website copywriting process is highly involved.

Our copy writer's ethos is, "If this was my website, what piece of content would I want to deliver the best results".

If you don't want such a detailed and persuasive piece of copy for your website...

...cheaper and less in depth alternatives are available from other companies.

You will need to weigh the cost of copywriting against the value of future conversions and new site traffic.

The web copywriting services offered by Digital Marketing 4 Leads suit businesses looking for long term evergreen content...

...that will continue to keep delivering results over and over again.

hire a website copywriter now!

This article that you are reading is a piece of copy written by our website copywriter about blog writing services.

It is a great example of how one piece of copy writing can be used time and time again to generate more clients...

...and is the reason that our copy writer's diary is booked nearly a month in advance.

Do you want to have a valuable piece of copy that you can use in a similar way?

If so, this could be the perfect solution for your business.

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